What is the best home automation solution? Everybody has its own idea and thats good. The impulse to search for the best solution, to do it better, to contribute, inspires us.

How does it work?

The number of manufacturers of IoT devices is growing inexorably and offers a wide variety of solutions and integration options for the various disciplines of building technology.

But where is the control center of our home?

My home, my data – the focus of this website is on the open source solution Home Assistant.

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There is a very good documentation on the Home Assistant site. Anyone can learn about the features of Home Assistant and try to implement its best solution.

Starting with an existing solution and modifying it if necessary can be much more efficient than starting from scratch. Therefore solutions are presented on this page. The solutions should be realized with commercially available products and Home Assistant.

Maybe the solution is so good that you can adopt it 1:1.

Let’s go…

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