Floor Plan

Its very easy to structure the building:

  1. Floor
  2. Room
  3. Zone
  4. Suffix (optional)

For a campus, a building name is still used before the floor, but this exceeds the home automation a little. 🙂

Create the floor plan previous to the installation of your home automation.

Use this notation for every entity you create. The description of a temperature sensor is named according to its location:

  1. Floor = ground floor
  2. Room = corridor
  3. Zone = entrance
  4. Suffix (optional) = temp

-> The entity in Home Assistant is named = sensor.gf_corridor_entrance_temp

The ceiling lamp in the living room on the ground floor -> Entity-ID: light.gf_livingroom_ceiling

The heating in the bath room on the upper floor -> Entity-ID: climate.uf_bath_radiator

Recommendation for the zone

If the description is not unique, use numbers in addition.

South / Nord / West / EastCelestial direction as orientation
Entrance / ExitRoom partitions as orientation
Ceiling / Floor / Wall / WindowSpace elements as orientation

Recommendation for suffic

If the description is not unique, use numbers in addition.


SuffixUsageHA – Light Configuraiton Variable
_onoffSwitch Lightaddress
_onoff_feedbackLight status (on/off)state_address 
_dimLight dimming KNX command
_brightnessSet brightness in %brightness_address
_brightness_feedbackBrightness status (%)brightness_state_address


_kwhEnergy in kWh
_rhRelative humidity